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Just cover the top of the board with fondant and then glue ribbon around the edge. Don't have to worry about denting or breaking that way.
I am so confused. What is a caddy wampus stand?
I would make display ones to have out to draw the people in and then keep the ones your selling in a cooler so they don't get nasty.condensation on a hot day shouldn't be a turn off. )
I got to try an icing sheet and they taste so much better than the Cricut ones! I thought those were really nasty!!!
Get a new pair of gardening pruners. Pinch it around the dowel and keep twisting back and forth till it cuts straight thru. Works every time!
Love SPS!
I prefer DH, gives me the best results every time!
Wooden dowels work great and won't splinter in the cake. Just cut them and smooth off the cut edge.Whether you use those or straws - you need to let them stick out just slightly above the cake. The idea is to have the top tier sit on those, not into your bottom cake or it will sink it and cause it to start cracking/collapsing. Put the supports in, a big blob of icing and sit your top tier on. Once you put your border you won't see the tiny gap. HTH
30 6" cakes. Get in production mode and once you get in "the zone" they go by quick.
I couldn't resist! I ordered one too!!!
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