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Hi!  I need some advice now before you write the artical.  I also think this would be good information to include in your artical.  I am going to be doing wedding favor cookies for my son's wedding and of course the cake (wedding cake cutouts with royal icing).  I am going to be very busy that week and I was wondering about how far ahead I can do the cookies.  Here is what I was thinking:  I want to bake and freeze the unfrosted cookies 2 weeks before the wedding and...
HI, I am doing a five layer wedding cake, spice cake with apple filling. I need a good recipe for the apple filling. Also does anyone have examples of what they did for a apple filling. Like mixing apple filling with cream cheese filling... I do not do a lot of fillings so I need advice!!
Yesterday I was reading a past post that you wrote to another girl with a simular problem. Idid not think that it would work for my issue. Last night I went home and to my suprise it worked wonderful!! I put a tiny amount of the crisco on each ball of fondant before I pushed them in each snowflake. The fondant did not stick to my fingers and it made the fondant stick in the mold making it easier to clean off the excess. Thank you for your help!!
I have the First Impressions snowflake mold. These snowflakes are so shallow and small I am having a problem getting the fondant to stick in the mold. I also can not get the excess off the top without lifting the snowflake back out of the mold. Help!
Don't buy it! I tried to make some simple 5 petal flowers with it. I am on month two for trying to get them to harden! I do not dare to try a bow. Does anyone know if there is something that could be added to get this stuff to dry?
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