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I'm sorry you got bad feedback from that person, they were probably just having a really bad day. I always find that I like the taste of my betty crocker cakes better than if I were to make my own from scratch.Obviously you make wonderful cakes since that other person gave you such a great review of the cake you did for her.Don't let the first one bother you too much and don't give up on cake decorating.... just think that they missed out on a great cake from you!
I'm laughing so hard now. I've bookmarked this page to see continuing cake wrecks. Thanks for posting the link here for a daily dose of laughter!!! (Can't believe that people actually think they have come up with such good cakes).
I always dream about my cakes falling to some sort of disaster. I don't actually check on them during the night, but I do when I get up in the morning. I guess I usually worry more if the person will like the cake or not.
Wow! He did a great job on the stand! Your cake is beautiful too! You make a great team!
I don't know about what that person was thinking because your white wedding cake is gorgeous! Did you make the flowers too?My only thought is that the person was going to write something else since there's a comma and not a period at the end of their statement. Maybe they got distracted and didn't finish? I wouldn't be offended by it b/c your work says it all.... that you are an AMAZING cake decorator!!! (I loved your other photos too).
Cute cake! I'm glad it turned out so well. The coffee cup with the steam was a great idea. I'm sure the couple loved it.
Definitely the clean up.... by the time I finally finish the cake, I'm too tired to do all the cleanup work.
What a great sense of humor you have! I'm sure he'll love it!
Glad you were able to fix it. It's a good laugh for us all.
Mmm... burnt cake... I can't stand that smell either. At least it wasn't for an order! Where would we be if we didn't experiment though? Thanks for sharing b/c I've always been curious about this one.
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