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I just PM'd you some links to lace molds. I think they're pretty similar to what you are looking for--make sure your baker knows how to use them though! :)
Oh good grief! If it tastes good and looks amazing who really cares if it was made from scratch or from a box? It's all the basic same ingredients anyway...sheesh. People are so funny about things like that. I use a sour cream cake that uses a box cake mix and people absolutely love it. I haven't come across a scratch cake mix that will stand up to it yet. So until that point in time, I guess I'm just never going to be as "good" as the from scratchers... My loss.
Hahaha, I've totally done this before! It's perfectly okay because I'm sure the cake was beautiful...just makes you feel really silly. No worries! Keep on baking!
Hey everyone,I've been a member of CC for going on 4 years now. I just got married a couple months ago and I am now insta-mom to 4 little boys. I run a home based bakery and am actually doing quite well in my area. However...and this is so terrible it makes me sick to think about it...I was supposed to make a "smash" cake today. It was just going to be a little 6 incher decorated all cute so that a baby girl could smash it to smithereens for a photographer. This is all...
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