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I just purchased a used KopyKake projector on ebay.  I am so excited, however I noticed that it gets SO HOT!  I'm talking about the box area where the bulb is. After just a couple of minutes when I open it to change the image, I can barely touch it.  The fan is spinning, but I'm still wondering if there is an issue??  I just want to make sure this is normal before my "return" time is up.  Thanks for any help! 
That's what I'll tell her! Thanks!
That cake is so pretty, but I don't have a stencil. I keep wanting one, but I am a little scared of that technique! The closest cake store is an hour away, and with the "snow storm" (in the south that's 1-3 inches!) coming I don't think I'll get there. I don't really have a theme, just cute stripes, polka dots, giraffe print, etc. I guess I'll go with that.
...myself!! Haha! I just can't decide what I want! I haven't gotten to make any cakes for a while because we suddenly moved about 4 hours away into a ONE BEDROOM apartment and just moved into a house (thankfully)! I am having the hardest time deciding what to make. I have two showers back home to do and one at my new school. Everyone thinks I am crazy for making my own cakes, but I really regret not doing my own wedding cake so there is no way I am not making these...
A friend just asked me this and I have no experience in this area. Anyone know?
Just found it! Yay! I am loving that web archive...just very, very, very slow!
I was suppose to be out of town this weekend so I have NO cakes! My dog was hit by a car yesterday (long story) and had to have $5,000 surgery to repair his shattered pelvic bone. Yes, I know that is crazy, and my husband and I are both teachers, so we definitely don't have the money. But I would rather live without the money than my baby, so I'm paying it! Anyway, back to cake. We are celebrating my cousin's 24th birthday tomorrow night and I was thinking about...
Thank you. Trust me, I have looked all over that site about 4 times! I have google image searched, and now I am even using this website called web archive to try to look at the page the way it looked a few years back. It is just VERY SLOW!
I am trying to surprise my cousin with an awesome cake for her birthday. She is turning 24. I want to make something over the top, but am having a hard time deciding. Suddenly I remembered one of my favorite cakes ever that I've always wanted to try, but I lost the picture when my laptop crashed! It was by Confetti Cakes (pretty sure, but could be wrong). From what I remember it was pink, square, topsy-turvy, gift boxes with tissue paper coming out, and had the name...
Wow! This is incredible! Thank you so much! Looks like I'll be up all night looking at cake stuff once again!
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