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In my own life, I try to reduce wheat, dairy, and refined sugar as much as possible for the following reasons:   Some wheat is genetically modified plus the wheat is harder to burn off from your body.   Dairy has natural hormones in them (regardless if it's organic or not) since the milk is meant for the babies of the animals that the milk is drawn from.  Cow milk consumption has only been a more recent part of daily lives with the invention of refrigeration....
I recently decided to focus my baking efforts for foods that are not only made from all natural ingredients, but also baked goods that are made without wheat, dairy, or refined sugars.  I don't have any illnesses towards these items, but I have been focusing on my own eating to try to reduce these things.  Of course my overall goal is still to make great tasting baked goods.  Does anyone have any good recipes that meet these restrictions?  Eggs are ok.  Thank you.
If I were to take the famous Nestle chocolate chip cookie recipe, would I be able to double the recipe and make it with a 4.5 qt Kitchen Aid mixer, or is it better to make single batches?
I bought organic raw nuts for some holiday cookies I'll be baking. I was wondering if toasting the nuts first would help add a little extra flavor to the cookies. I'll be working peanuts, walnuts, and macadamia nuts. If so, any recommendation on how to go about toasting them? Thank you.
I'm looking to buy some stainless steel cookie sheets, 12x18x1". Does anyone know of any good website to buy them? Also, has anyone had any experiences with stainless steel cookie sheets and do they bake just as well as aluminum cookie sheets? Thank you.
I'm trying to find a buttercream recipe that is easy for decorating and will work for the summer. I use to use the Sugarshack recipe, but I'm trying to stick with organic ingredients. Any ideas would be great.
I'm venturing into the world of organic baking and I'm looking for a buttercream that I could use for decorating cakes. I've been using the Sugarshack recipe because it tasted good and was easy to work with and smooth. But since I can't get organic hi-ratio shortening, does anyone have any recommendations for a buttercream recipe that could be converted to organic ingredients and is easy to ice and smooth on a cake (and possibly hold up in the warmer weather). Any help...
I plan to fill some cakes and cupcakes tomorrow with the peanut butter heaven filling ( There is cream cheese in the recipe. Even though I'm filling the cakes tomorrow, they won't be served till Friday. I'd hate to have the whole fridge taken up. Thanks.
How many recipes of ganache do you think I would need to make to cover a 12x18 cake and two 8x2" round cakes?
I'm planning on making a cake that looks like a package of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and two cakes that look like peanut butter cups. Does anyone have any recipes for a scratch chocolate cake that I could substitute organic ingredients for? I'm also looking for a peanut butter filling recipe that would be similar to that of a peanut butter cup but obviously be able to fill easily. And while we're at it, a recipe for chocolate ganache. Would it be easy to cover a cake...
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