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How would one go about making a topsy turvey cake? Are there any instructions that you know of?Thanx,Grandmasue
Thank you for your suggestion. I am making a birthday cake for an elderlylady who is celebrating her 85th. Most of the ladies who will be there have diabetes so I am making the cake with Splenda and think if I use whipped cream for the icing, that too will cut down on the sugar.
Is it possible to place buttercream flowers of different colors when frostinf a cake with stabelized whipped cream/ I'm afraid the colors will run.
Hi Everyone,Fantastic how I can feel a bond with people I have never met. I love this site. Everyone is so anxious to help.I am living in Baldwinsville, NY a suburb of Syracuse. I have 5 grown children, 16 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. I am a very lucky lady.
Thanks to all. I can't wait for instructions as I have a hard time with the flower nail.
This has probably been asked before but are there instructions on this great site for the roses made on th lollipop sticks?
Hi everyone,Grandmasue has 2 questions if I may. I am trying to do a chocolate transfer for my grandson's graduation cake. The cap & morterboard have to be red. When I add the red color (&I have to add a lot) the candy melts get thick and pasty. I am using wilton candy melt coloring. It's toolate to order from Americolor.My next question is: can I make a diploma (scroll) out of parchment, tie it with ribbon and place it on a crusted buttercream frosting. Will the color in...
I saw recently where someone said they made their own piping gel but I can't find the recipe. Can anyone tell me where I can find it?Thanx,Grandmasue
Cali4dawn,Your grapes look terrific, Thanks so much.Grandmasue
Thank you Victoria. The grape clusters will be about 3/4 inches high.Grandmasue
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