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sorry i have no clue how to do it. lol sorry i couldnt be more help.
what about making the motorcycle out of fondant or chocolate and have it going around the outside of the cheese cake????
i believe it will be in the up coming issue of people.
Pete Wentz or how ever you spell it from Fall out Boy. I have not found a pic of the cake yet but heard a description on the radio.......Alice in wonderland theme mad hatter cake with the tea cups and all the works from the sounds of it........will keep looking for the pic
well seeing as the couple picked the winner.......they must have really liked it. i thought all the cakes were good expect the one they said looked too heavy it was more 16 birthday to me it was a cute cake but to me just not what the competition called for
what a great idea. hadnt thought to just make the cake an ocean then the monkey would no have to be huge lol thank you so much.
ok so my son is having a pool party for his 10th bday. we have decided on a general idea for his cake. the cake will be a surf board....we found party supplies called beach monkey and it has surfing monkeys on the plates and stuff. so of course we want to include a surfing monkey on the cake. my plan so far is to make a sheet cake and carve it to be in the shape of a board. but i am totally lost at trying to figure out how to make a monkey to be surfing on top. oh...
i say no border, i think it looks great
happy birthday mac!!!!
just wanted to let you know i made 2 cakes with volcanoes on them. one i used chocolate for the lava didnt work to well mostly because i went over board with it. the second one i did i used hard candy to make the lava look like it was shooting out of the volcano
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