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I don't have any idea... I would probably just try to roll it over again in small batches to see if the spots disappear. I hope they go away for you!
I've also used it on RI and didn't have any problems. Just make sure that it's really dried and you should be fine!
I also have a picture of tools that I did in my album - they were very easy to do. I used silver MMF and silver luster dust and it worked great.
I always insert the sticks before baking, I never realized that people did it after, I would be afraid that the cookie would fall off of the stick if I did it after. I assumed that before would allow the dough to fully envelope the stick. I also use Wilton's lollipop sticks, I find the actual cookie sticks to be too thick and skewers to be too pointy for the kiddos.
I just tried the new Crisco and had a horrible time working with it! I've used the same recipe for 10 years and this was the first time that I had a hard time smoothing a cake... mixing the color etc... It is the blue can, they stopped making the green can because they've made all Crisco 0 trans fat now.I guess I'll have to try some of these tips. I haven't read every page yet but just wanted to share that I also had a tough time.
I would use gumpaste and find something to prop them up overnight, maybe have the highest part of the arch rest on a cup or something equal to the height that you're looking for. Regular fondant will work well also, just don't use MMF for it.good luck!
Yeah, I have to agree about the Wilton... I use it if I'm in a crunch and need something to hold better than MMF and I didn't have time to make gumpaste but I only use it sparingly and tell people not to eat it lol, it's just not a tasty product at all! Now I've never tried it on Penny's but I only use MMF as a fondant for cookies... But yes, you can do them ahead of time, just use a simple syrup or I just use water to attach it.
How cool! Off to find Duff lol
I would say .75 an inch if you are just doing the cutout and it's not bagged and tied with ribbon.
I prefer to do it right out of the oven because it's faster but they still look really nice when added after the cookie has cooled. I just use a touch of water and make sure that I get around the edges so the fondant doesn't have any gaps. Some people use a simple syrup or corn syrup but I found water to work great and I didn't want to risk adding any more sweetness to the cookie. If I've made my cookies ahead of time, I usually cut out the fondant shapes and let them...
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