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When I click on the photos that I have uploaded and see no comments from others does not mean no one has commented on them.  None of the cakes that I have put up have comments from others and just curious if that is the case.   Thanks! Janice
I posted a bunch of cake photos about 2 months ago and I cannot seem to be able to view comments from others. Is this because there are no comments on them or is there something I need to do other then clicking on my photos?Thanks!Janice
Great, thanks for the info!!
I have a recipe that I have to make and they are calling for cake flour but I don't have that. Is there a difference between cake flour and regular flour and if so what is the conversion??Thanks!Janice
I am now getting $45 for it so that is better. For ingredients and what not it is only around $10-12. I am just starting off so when I get busier I will be charging more for my cake. Here in Winnipeg people can be a bit what should we say, cheap!!
I am baking an 8 inch round for it. Thanks for the idea. I was thinking of covering it in buttercream and then make a red carpet come down the side with afew stars on it. I thought that would be fairly easy and pretty quick to decorate. Janice
I have a cake order for next week and the theme they want is a Red Carpet Diva cake. The thing is I am not sure what decorations I can do for it and they want to keep it at $35 which can be pretty tough!Any ideas what I can do would be soooo appreciated!Thanks!Janice
A friend asked me if I could make a cake for her son and he wants Disney's UP theme cake. She thought maybe a house or something but I am not sure what would be the best way to make a house. Any ideas would be really appreciated. I did look on here and saw no UP cakes and none really online except for 1. Thanks,Janice
Thanks Cheatize, I never thought of doing that. What I also did was go to Bulk Barn and went to the pans they rent out and asked them if they minded if I trace it!! They said no problem plus I was buying some other items so that might have helped with them saying yes!!LOL
Karmastew, I am not good at cutting freehanded. I get things out of wack and not always even on both sides. Thanks Jadedlogic, I will have to take a look!!
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