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Which company?
So glad I finally have something to work with. Thank you do very much! I'm going to give it a try.
Thank you for trying, not available at any links.
As I was trying to do that my computer froze. I'm going to try again later today.
I don't think Vanilla Nut is close to the same, but I also don't know (but, would you have to worry about anyone with allergies??)   McCormick French Vanilla Blend is all I've ever used too....I bought the last bottle my local small grocery store had last month, looks like I'm wondering the same thing the OP is????  Anyone????   Madicakes did you try any of these or find anything?
Okay, so I THINK this is where my aunt got a cake from & my son LOVED it. (I remember she said something about the Farmer's Market, so I googled it). I don't live there so if anyone could help me somewhat duplicate their Lemon Cake I would be very grateful. I'm most confused on the frosting, I can't remember if I ate any of it, but how my son describes the frosting & how much he HATES buttercream makes me wonder what kind it is.TIA *side note--this was Christmas 2010...
I have one, got in on this site, let me get you the it is..... use the cake recipe & a straight crisco buttercream (NO BUTTER) (sounds gross, but to the little boy, he loved having a cake decorated)***NOTE***PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use parchment paper (spray cake pan with non-stick cooking spray, lay paper, spray paper)here's the last cake I made for the...
I've read one page & I think that's enough for me to be sick now. I hate eggs, have issues with them & I should have known better than to even start reading this. I'm SOO SORRY this happened. I'm really not sure how I would handle it.
I've heard of some people using press n seal to cover paper or fabric. Also as posted before me, you can always use another board under the cake, say the exact size of the cake & then put that on a decorated board. Good Luck!!
Last I thought, we were doing white cakes, but the final recipe list hasn't been post (to my knowledge). I was really looking forward to this, but I guess I'll be making a spice or butternut cake for Thanksgiving, so for time time being, I'm out. I'll check back after Thanksgiving .
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