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Anyone heard anything about a 2014 Garden State Cake Show?  I can't find anything.
I couldn't find the exact face mask you mentioned either, but I got a similar one on Amazon for $13.59. Schutt Sports Youth EGOP-YF Super Pro Carbon Steel Football Faceguard . I used 3-10" layers and baked the top one in the bowl of my Kitchen Aide! It worked perfectly and was just the right size. I did have to bake it longer--don't know how much--just kept checking.
Thank you ddaigle for providing the Item # 0013581079. I looked on Academy Sports site and couldn't find it without that. I only found ones for about $30 and I don't want to pay that much! BTW your helmet cakes are fantastic!
We have a local shop that became well-known after winning Cupcake Wars!  She started small and actually has a very small physical location.  I guess that's one way to keep costs down.  She's also been in local newspapers, on a local cable TV show demonstrating and participates in bridal shows and community events.  Facebook too.  Marketing brings in the customers along with...
Watch for the ones here on CakeCentral.  Also check out for their annual contest.  Some of those cakes are awesome!
I have not received any notification in the last couple months to download the magazine.  Can you tell me if/when my subscription ended?  Shouldn't there be a message that "Your subscription is ending soon"?
Add me to the list of Clickstix lovers.  Tappits always frustrated me although I did get them to work sometimes.  Clickstix just seems sooooo much easier.
The one from Bed Bath and Beyond is the way to go.  It's the one SugarShack recommends on her video since you can immerse it in hot water to smooth the buttercream.
WOW!!! You're my hero!
I can't say that I have any ideas for you, but I would love to see a picture of it when you're done!
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