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I bet you could use something like a loosened-up bobby pin to start like a fondant rose...--Knox--
You can do that with FONDANT?? How cool is THAT??I'm thinking "roses."Love it! ==Knox==
I like to add about 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 extra egg, and a box of pudding.Yields a really dense and moist cake. Much like pound cake!--Knox--
It's kind of a pain, but if it's the flat-bottom type, I try to cut a piece of parchment that fits the "O" on the bottom. I just trace a piece with a wax pencil, and cut it to fit.After loosening the sides with a butter knife, it slides right out!HTH,--Knox--
Why can't I see it?--Knox--
I agree with NEWLYWEDSWS and several others. The REAL red velvet is ALWAYS frosted with the "Mary Kay" flour type frosting.Some use mayonaisse, some buttermilk, some vinegar/baking soda to bake it. To each his own, I reckon.Although the CC frosting tastes good---the flour based oldie is what my customers get, unless they REQUEST CC specifically.--Knox--
[/quote] mmmm, I love lemon. Just to be lemony over the top I also put a lemon cream cheese frosting that is amazing!!!!!!!(buttercream recipe, but use 1 cup crisco, 1 stick butter, 1/2 pkg cream cheese and instead of flavorings or water, just use fresh squeezed lemon juice. Plus of course your 2lbs p.s. and 2 tbsp )[/quote]Does that recipe crust at all? If so, I'd love to put that one on my menu! Thanks,--Knox--
GAH! KOLMAR!! Girl, I bet you had a pucker factor of like 148 during those "dances!" You're such a pro, though--Good girl!--Knox--
For the bride? Or the farter? Either way--I wasn't at the wedding. (my invitation was a huge scandalous thing between these two friends--the jealous bride and the jealous friend type thing)But--I DID get to watch it on video. Complete with "stereophonic" Sony sound!! --Knox--
LOL!!! Love this thread. Some of these stories are priceless!TYE: Wow, Girl. You handled yourself like a pro.I used to have this friend. This was back in the 80's, before the days of good quality video and sound. Remember those HUGE video cameras they used to make? The ones that were the size of like a briefcase? Yeah. Well, when this girl got married, they filmed her wedding with one of those big ol' honkin' things.Anyway--you get the picture. Big...
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