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Denise, what brand are the markers you have?
You can make one.  Here's a tutorial:
I'm not a professional baker.  I just decorate cakes and cupcakes (and cookies, for that matter) when my kids, grandkids, and their friends ask me to.  Because of that, I don't make buttercream often.  I try to "review" my own recipe every time I make it by making comments on the recipe itself.   I don't know why my recipe started getting loose, but the last couple of times I've made it, it was too loose.  Same recipe every time.  I've tried using 1/2 hi-ratio and...
BakingIrene, recipes DO stop working when conditions are different and the ingredients change - like Crisco going to 0 trans-fats.  My buttercream was too loosey-goosey.  I bought some Parade Vegetable shortening, which has 3g trans-fat/serving so I'll try that.....and yes, I've tried hi-ratio shortening.   My recipe is:   2 cups Crisco (2 ½ cups in warm weather) 2 sticks (1 cup) Blue Bonnet margarine (1 stick/ ½ cup in warm weather) – Must be Blue Bonnet...
I need a new buttercream recipe.  Mine doesn't work for me anymore.  Can anybody recommend a crusting buttercream recipe that isn't greasy, holds up well, and tastes good?   Thanks for your help, Laurel
Thanks for your replies. I'm doing the cake today. I made MMF and added tylose for the monogram. I made it yesterday so that it would dry, so I used BOTH your suggestions. Debbye27, I'm making the milk bottles, the circles, and the 1's with cookie cutters. I wrote the baker of the cake in the first cake and she finally got back to me. The fondant was 1/4" thick.Thanks again! I gotta get back in the kitchen!Laurel
OK, I went out and bought another brand of sugar and everything turned out well. I must've just gotten a bad batch of sugar, because I've used this brand before (Parade). I won't be using it again, though! LOL!Thanks again for your help.Laurel
Thanks, Jae. I think I'll stop using this brand of powdered sugar.
Tonight I made buttercream for a cake and glaze for cookies and both are gritty. Is it the brand of powdered sugar I'm using? I've used this brand before and haven't had problems, but tonight everything's gritty!HELP!
A little late for this BUT....I got this off another forum post:1 T. lemon extract (I believe she used lemon juice but I tried lemon extract) 1 t. vanilla extract 1 t. almond extract 1 t. butter flavoringIf you take out the lemon extract you'd have the Creme Royal.and...The only difference I can see in using lemon juice rather than extract is that the extract is processed and the juice is not. I'd be scared the acid in juice would have some sort of breakdown affect on the...
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