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i use the wilton plates a lot , and what i do is i assembled the whole cake on site so i leave like and hr or hr1/2 prior to have enough time to do it and whit out the pressure of people loking at me, and they work pretty good, and i allways bring xtra tools just in case.
i would do ariel for the girls and flounder or sebastian for the boys is different but in the same theme.
i have a dodge grand caravan is a store and go seats, has lots of space plus in the middle has some more storage under the seats (is like a secret compartment) that you can use for your tools, that is what i use it for, and i am an suv person and just to say i am not a soccer mom i do not want a van , but now i am eating my words i fell in love with this one!
3-4 months ago i bought an HP PHOTOSMART C4780 thinking that i was going to use it for myt edible images, but now i've foud out that i need the cartriges for it and i do not know whitch ones to get , i have been researching and i got to the point of i am going to sell the printer on Ebay does any of you have an idea of wheter or not this printer can be use for this task, and where can i find the cartriges for it i need to find them or get rid of it!! pleeeaaaaase someone...
if you look at my photos u will see my cakes and that most of my cakes are 3 leches and a few of them are tiered cakes , however i have never frozen any of my customer cakes , i did for my husband once but before i put the milk in it , but for my customers i like the fresh just made taste!
i think that you should just keep on with your art and let her burn in her own fire!! she will soon find out that she is not a profesional and you are because you never responded to her accusations! and she is going around running her mouth do you know what the people is going to think of her? that she is allways talking about the way the order their cakes with her ans so u get my point, anyway just live it to god and she will come around and maybe realize that she was...
congrats !! on your new cricut! i wish my son was older so can buy me one too
yes it is posoble i make them all the time, with dif fillings inside!! look for my pix on cc i have several!
i think it was a fair response from you by calling her and sending the email telling the price and the deposit that it is require for the cake , however maybe u should have a list of an idea of the deposit amounts that they need to get from the customer when u are out! good luck .=)
thanks for sharing the info!! i will defenitly try!!!
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