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Has anyone use Sugar paste to make stuff out of it...Is it good to eat? I was wondering if anyone use Play Doh to pratice making figures,brears,flowers,food items etc....I would think it would give you some pratice.
Where do you buy your fondents? Seems like alot ppl do not like wilton ones???Thanksbrendab
Anyone use any Wilton Dessert Whipper Pro, Dessert Decorator Pro, or Dessert Decorator Max?? Is it worth buying. Also how about the Cookie press?? Where you put the cookie dough and it comes out in the tube.. Makes different shapesWhere do you LIKE to shop for baking accessories? icing? gels? flavorings? and fondent????Thank youBrenda
Thank you so much with all the response....You guys have been so helpful!!!!!
I was wondering at Michael's there is a case with tips and everything in it for 120.00.( of course using the 40% coupon) Is it worth buying it??or should I buy Wilton I, II, and III for cake decorating.I'm planning on taking some classes and was wondering what is the best one to buy.Also, If I want to get colors.. What is the best brand to get? the wilton's one or other brandsThanks,brenda
How about a cookie forum too...b
Let me know if this works for you..I'm thinking of buying one of these!!!ThanksBrenda
I was wondering is there a recommended list for a newbie...Such as the best cake pans, tips, coloring, accessories, cake flavoring etc...I don't want to get the stuff I don't need....ThanksBrenda
I have bought several items from the past from tv commercial...and it doesn't work out....Such as knives etc...And I don't want to get sucker into buying something that I don't need..I was wondering does the pan rust after washing it?? is it a flimsy pan?
Has anyone bought or use Betty Crocker Cake Dome Pan???If so what kind of fillings did you use???I seen it on TV and would like to get one....Thanks,Brenda
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