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Hi Cake Diva,Great website a few things came to mind while I was looking at it. If you have fillings I would list those flavors as well. For your cake pictures try to make sure they is nothing going on in the background just a picture of the cake. I would go more in detail in the About Me Section, list what kind of cakes you make (topsy turvey, wedding, etc), if you are a member of any cake clubs, or any other cake decorating info. You also don't have where you are located...
In my Wilton class 1 we baked 2 cakes and 12 cupcakes. In the 2nd course we only had to bake 1 cake. When they give you the list of supplies for course 1 don't buy anything but the Course 1 pack and the Course 1 book. I bought everything and then ended up returning a bunch of the stuff. Go to the first class and see what you really need and what you want to buy. Don't forget to have fun!Amanda
Thank you so much you are such a big help. Cheers to you!
You should definitly check into the county fairs like "fairytale" mentioned. I live in So Cal and they LA county fair has a whole baked goods section, with contests in wedding cakes, cakes, cookies, and much more. Try googling cake decorating contests, that is how I have found out about a couple.
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