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I would also want to say something to point about baking a few days ahead, so that you are prepared and you know that everything is of the highest quality. And that if something happened to the cake while you are baking or whatever you would have enough time to rebake it, and not have to rush or have the cake done late.
I work pt at a grocery store and we usually do a wedding cake each weekend.We have done it a couple of times, because something has happened to the cake we already have, or we didn't receive the type of cake we were waiting for. However it is defintely the exception to the rule.
When I bake at home, I usually end up freezing my cake for some length of time.Now, I do work for Publix, and we also keep our cakes in a freezer. However our central baking warehouse is about 1 county away. We receive shipments 3 days a week, and are told to order only enough cake to last in between shipments. Our manager will get in trouble if there is too much cake in the freezer. We also rotate everything to make sure that any cake left in the freezer is used...
I bake mine at 325 for an even top. Also it help to underfill them a little.
a couple of favoritesBanana cake with chocolate butter creamvanilla cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing.strawberry cake with lemon buttercream
Fiddle--Those look beautiful. I might get some molds to make the cookies for my playgroups Holiday Cookie X-change. What kind of chocolate did you use?
I really don't think you can do much, unless the liners are made out of foil. I used some pink liners and you could only really see them on the vanilla cupcakes--I made choc, vanilla, and hummingbird.Maybe place 2 liners in the pan and then bake them that way. Or perhaps baking in a nut cup and then slipping a liner over that.
Try the barefoot contessa's recipe. I have tried it and it is wonderful. It has been so long since i have made it that I cant remember if it bakes up in domes. When you do bake it, set your oven to 400. I usually keep my oven at the temp and bake for 12 to 14 mintues.
I live down in FL, and are farmer's markets run during the fall/winter. I finally got my health department certification, so I was able to sell legally. I ended up selling 3 dozen cupcakes. I was hoping to sell more but the other vendors said that it was slow. There will be another market next month, and then in Nov, it will run weekly.I had so much fun, passed out tons of samples and business cards, and got 4 email inquiries. The health dept inspectors did stop by,...
My chocolate cake recipe is very similar to the hershey one. I use a cup of hot coffee instead of the water to intensify the chocolate flavor. You can't taste the coffee at all.
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