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About an hour after it is ourt of the oven, I wrap mine with Glad wrap press and seal, making sure the whole thing is covered, then I take aluminum foil and wrap it all the way around covering it twice. I use the heavy duty freezer strength aluminum foil. I also make sure I have a cake board on the top of the cake as well as underneath, just makes it so it doesn't get disformed in the freezer. when I thaw, I take the cake out and let it sit wrapped until it is compleltly...
Thanks so much! that is so sweet of you! I used your tutorial to make my fondant figure on my golf cake (your face tutorial). It helped tremendously! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!
I made this cake back in July for my granddaughters 4th birthday. I really didn't have too many problems with it. I didn't use all the turets though, so maybe thats why mine stayed in one piece. I only travled about 10 blocks with it.
thanks Jeanne, your information has been very helpful, I am going to practice this tonight, if I like it, I will use it for my daughters wedding cake. I wanted to make sure I could make batches ahead of time and freeze them.
Is it the Rich's "bettercreme"? If so, yes it can be frozen. I am not familiar with their buttercreme.
Americolor has a hot pink coloring
Oh and one more thing. There is a good cake supply store in Omaha Nebraska, It is called Mangelsens, it is located right off the interstate on 84th street, between L street and Center.It has the biggest supply around, but it does not carry high ratio shortening.Other than Mangelsens, the only others that I know of are Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Both those are in Omaha and Lincoln.
Kakesbykitty, HI! I live in SE Nebraska, lived in Nebraska my whole life. I have never heard of Staplehurst, where is it located? I live in Auburn, which is in the extreme SE corner of the state, in fact, I live right in the corner of the state, I am 10 miles from the Missouri border.I own a gracoery store in the small town I live in. I have a supplier, so I can order the high Ratio shortening. You could PM me, and if we live close enough to each other, I would be...
I have one in my pictures. I made it for my grandaughter last year. There are several in the gallery and they are way better tahn mine....GL, Dora is fun to do.
I just tried this tonight, the WASC cake with half white rsapberry creamer added in place of half the water, and it fell! I even baked it longer than I normally do.I have baked the WASC cake hundreds of times with no problems, and from now on I will stick to the recipe, no subsituting the creamers. I will instead use the creamers in my buttercreme frosting.
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