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Thanks again ladies for all the tips etc. I posted a pic of it in the birthday cake gallery for all to see as well as a #1 cake for my daughter. It was my first EI. LOL
No fillers, just a yellow and a chocolate cake.Thanks to you all for the info.
LOL at the animals. That would be me too. Yes I need to keep them hidden from the kids seeing them and jsut storing them and keeping from drying out. So a box in the cool garage will be ok? I am baking on Friday and the party is Saturday.
I need some cheap/creative ways to store 2 9/13 cakes for my kids birthday party this weekend.All help is greatly appreciated!!!Amy
Thanks for the ideas ladies. I think I'm gonna try to do the orange/blue background and add some stars/planets.
Thanks for the replies.Here is a link to what it looks like: again!!!Amy
I have a round edible image of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story but would like some creative ideas on how to use it. Any ideas would be great!!Amy
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