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Thank you so much!!  I finished it with your help! Thanks again!
Oh - sorry!! Now I get it!! It's per leg you did this! Wow - great idea. Can you tell me where you got the plastic pieces from?
Thanks so much for responding so quickly!! When you said you used plastic pieces, what exactly did you use and where do you get it?  I still don't  understand how the plastic pieces hid the poles that supported the base cake.  Wouldn't you see the top of the supporting bars/poles?   
I'm in the process of making an AT-AT Star wars cake and wanted to get your feedback on how to make the cake stand for it.  I can make it standing but I don't know how to make it look like it's walking. Any ideas?     See the link below -- She did an awesome job on this cake. Mine won't have that many details! ;)
Thanks for sharing this information - it's very helpful!
Thank you for sharing your instructions!!
I showed this to my husband and he wants to build one to see if it works. He went to HomeDepot and purchased PVC pipe. He found some with angels -- so not sure if we need to bend the PVC pipe. So once he finishes the stand, I'll post and figure out if we can get the cakes to stay. This is an experiment he's willing to try with me! We'll see. If anyone else gives it a try, please post. I'm watching this one.
I sent you a private message - but round cookie cutters will work great. Round from Wilton and the small ones from the fondant round ones at Michael's made by Wilton.Hope this helps.
I like Satin Ice as well -- I used to make my own MMF --blowing up my blenders -- and finally decided to try intotheoven. if you live in IL, you'll get in ship to you in 1 day! Can't beat that!
Thanks so much for the help and the great pictures. Sparkie248-- do you have a picture to share??Thanks everyone.. can't wait to work on the cake -- i'll send pictures too!
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