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I am doing a buzz lightyear / megatron (from transformers) cake... the two characters are fighting eachother on the top of the cake which is gonna be a moon... but I have this " round cake that the moon is sitting on... and I have no idea how to decorate it... does anyone have any ideas... my only thought is to make it blue with green bits of land, so it looks like the earth... but any other ideas would really help.thanks in advance.
so I am having issues.. This has been going on for year now.. And I can say I have tried everything (i think) to figure this out.I get huge air bubbles underneath my fondant. I have no idea why.. Can some one please help.I tried refrigeration, not refridgerated, two styles of buttercream, stacking my cakes a day ahead, an still have bubbles after I cover my cakes with fondant. It usually takes a few hours, but I am getting to the point of frusteration and not wanting to do...
dont know how to post the pics... [img][/img]
hey CC'ersI need your help.I am doing a wedding cake.. and I am stuck. I am doing a 3 tier and i will post pics... but I dont know what color to make my second tier.the bottom tier is white with black diamonds and pink dots. the top is white with multi-sized polka dots with flowers on top and the middle tier has horizontal here's where I need your help. Right now the middle tier is white with black and pink ribbon... but should it be black with pink and...
I need to make the color sage.... what colors should I use?TIA[/quote]
yea... i see that... and I still dont know if I should use the quick pour method or the rolled fondant... but I need to decide quick.. lol
Where do I find cardboard small enough.. or do I have to cut them myself?
So I was asked to make 70 petite cakes for a wedding this weekend.. Here's my questions...1). should I cover each of the cakes with rolled fondant or should I use the quick pour fondant? I ask this because I need to know which is the best method to handle the cakes when decorating and serving.2). Do I use anything underneath each cake? Like what are the cakes sitting on? Thank you in advance for your input.Muchly appreciated,Charleen
Thanks all.... I am starting to get a visual, I like the trophy and the ribbon idea.... I also like the bones idea too... but how to do that...hmmm... definetly getting an idea of what I can do.... thanks again.
I am a sponsor for the womens Osteoprosis annual soccer tournament coming up in 2 weeks... and I am donating a cake for the last day of the tournament... but I am drawing a blank.... I want something spectacular since there is going to be a whole lot of publicity for this event.. I have thought of the soccer field and a giant soccer ball, but its just not want I want to do... I need a cake big enough for 100 servings... any of you great minds have any ideas?
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