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If any of you bake from home and use the Wilton shaped pans, what do you charge for them? Not on a sheet cake, just the pan itself iced/decorated. Thanks!
Are any of you operating a home biz in Northwest FL under Cottage Law at the moment? If so, I have some questions for you. Thanks! Lori
I haven't been on cc in a long while. Dd decided she wanted a last minute spend the night party tomorrow for her 10th. She chose the Wilton topsy turvy pan from my stash of pans I never use. I have never made this cake & was hoping some of you had and had some pics to share. When I search the gallery I come up with tiered cakes & not the flat Wilton pan one. Anyone care to help my creative juices start flowing? Thanks sugar buddies!
Has any information been posted since the GOV signed the bill? I just recently moved to FL and have not had computer access in a few weeks.
any new word on this as of this week?
is florida passing a cottage law? any other threads about it? i am moving there in July and would love to get more information. Been off of CC for a while.
cool, thanks so much!
i think Ft. Lee is closer to Richmond. I have just started looking so I am not sure really.
thanks. where abouts are you located?? i am hoping i can get some area info... so nervous. We are not there yet, but its looking pretty certain it will happen, as our agency has relocated headquarters there!
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