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Good luck with school! I'm jealous! My husband is a food service director and does catering on the side. Our dream is to open our own restaurant/bakery/banquet hall type place. We'd both like to go to the CIA but I don't see that happening since all of our $ goes to our kids. Again, best of luck to you!
I like the simplicity and colors of the 1st one, but the 4th one is nice too.
I'm doing a wedding cake and mini cakes in June and am debating ordering the pan as well. Since it's SO expensive, I stopped in a local shop and found a similar pan called a "mini crumb cake pan". It holds 12 mini squares. It comes in round too and isn't muffin shaped. I haven't tried it yet but it was $26 instead of $150! If it doesn't work I may just have to break down and order that one or slice sheet cake into minis. We'll see...
I know you're done with that one but FYI, every time I visit the dollar store (where everything is $1), I pickup a roll of the non-adhesive drawer/shelf liner. I roll out/cut a portion of it to either put across the back of my trunk and/or line the cake box so it won't slide around. It's a cheap & reliable way to transport every cake.
Thanks for posting this! I had figured out the powerpoint portion of inserting multiple pics and grouping/saving as JPEG but hadn't figured out the whole "watermark" thing or even considered a colored background. Yeah! I'll try it next time.
Nice work fellow newbie! My first paying wedding cake was extremely stressful for me but the B&G loved the result which gave me the confidence to continue. Keep it up!
I'm so glad to see everyone in support of using mixes. I've never received as much praise for a scratch cake as I do for BC mix cakes. Some I doctor and some I don't but I get rave reviews and have no intention of going strictly scratch.
I'm certainly no expert but I've been lining my trunk (and sometimes even the cake box) with non-skid drawer liner from our local dollar store. It can be cut to match the shape of the box, the cake or just rolled out across the trunk. This was a lesson learned after volleyball cake rolled around the back of my SUV on the way to deliver it. Uggh.
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