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Wow, you're amazing... it was fairytale I was thinking of. Thank you. How are you such an effective searcher? Thanks again, Cheryl
Hi all, A few years ago I remember being wowed by a cookie decorator who did scenes with icing (not fondant) on a square cookie. Winter/christmas scenes. Probably there is more than one artist out there, just looking to be inspired. Can anyone direct me? Thank you! Cheryl
I can't imagine making a cake without a refrigerator... like a seamstress depends on an iron. No way you could take out a shelf, put the 14" cake on a smaller base? I usually use a coupler without a tip to put a thick ring of buttercream as a dam, but I ran into trouble on my last cake too... any suggestions for getting a bigger ring of buttercream gals?
I like to blend fresh raspberries into homemade vanilla custard, then fold in stiff whipped cream. Brush your cake with raspberry liquer... so good! I suppose that woud work well with peaches or blueberries too. Also, homemade applesauce goes great with a spice cake.
I just found Kake Kreations in Canoga Park California at 21851 Sherman Way, 818-346-7621! They look like they are a huge cake supply store with Americolor gels. Phew, $40 saved!
You are the sweetest to offer! I need electric pink for a hot pink and orange cake for her 70th birthday. I will still try to call a store now that it's Monday. Thanks again.... Cheryl
I live in Washington, but need to know where to buy Americolor gel in California, Bakersfield or Northridge or Burbank area... making a cake for my Mother-in-law's big birthday party and didn't have enough electric colors! Next day from Sugar Craft is $40. Help! Thank you!! Cheryl
Thank you BJNZ for taking the time to post and encourage me. I must say I have learned so much since I started in November... Time management, using what's leftover to make my own creation etc. Repetition is the best teacher. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.Also, since I have used magic line and a cheaper cake pan in the next oven with the same batter, and magic line blew the other away... it was a tall cake with very little to no dome on top. Very worth...
Thank you for your advice, I am so naive and appreciate it. I must say, though, I simply cannot use a mix! I only have a few recipes of my own that I think you are right, I will keep to myself. The majority of what I do I have found in recipe books. Sometimes I mix and match...
Leahs, I thought I had learned about Magic Line from you, so thank you especially for chiming in. Grama_i, thanks for your response. Hate to be daft, but do you think I should keep my recipes in a notebook and take it back and forth with me? Or is that just too weird? Can't say I have them memorized. <<
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