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Any ideas? Can I use dipped strawberries to look like grad caps or would it not look right?Can you refrid choco dipped stawberries and then take out in June weather w/o too much sweating issues?Any recomends?THNX
It's not on the recipe, what temp for no fail cookies?THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for quick reply! I used the paper towel, then I bought the foam brush. Mine still don't look as smooth. I haven't loaded any new photo's, because our new camera doesn't make them small enough to load But they look better than they did. I'll have to try the copy paper. Do you mean paper from the printer? Just plain ole paper? Pretty cool!THANKS FOR SHARING!
I used a DH German choc. and made a cake for my boss. It's his fav. A co-worker made him a GC scratch cake (kiss butt, who knew I was making one) My box cake tasted better than her scratch, I wasn't the only one who thought so I would admit if hers was better too, but it wasn't. BTW Bturpin, what smoothing method do you use? Your cakes are perfect!
Thanks for your helpsnowshoe1! I wish I could post pic. My new camera takes pics that even on the lowest setting are too big to upload for cc. My daughters camera will, but I forgot to use it. I made a baseball with the ball pan and wrote everyones name on it and I made a baseball field and in the center I wrote, Playin & Prayin. It was really cute. Thanks again for your help.
I found a pic of a nautical "woman" shaped cake in a bikini, you could do it as a pregnant woman instead.
Helps tons!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I knew you the right one to ask. Thanks again and Blessings to you!
try this It just looks like a H on a pole Theres really not much in the way of cake, unless it was a car cake on the lift. It's sounds like a cake for Duff.
I was ask if I could make a cake that's a replica of an industrial car lift.The kind at the car shop. The lady works for the company that makes and sells the lifts to the venders. When she ask if I could do it, I thought, yeah with help THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It happens to be the team my husband and I are on. For about 25 or a few more people. I would like to keep fondant ourt of, as I don't care for it and not that good w/ it.I'm not very creative, but I know my CC buds always get me out of this lack of creativity spots I get in THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
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