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the structure sheets I use are the R43.50 ones about $4.70 converted. Its not a stencil. It like the plastic you do chocolate wraps with, but there is a pattern aleady embossed on it. This online shop only has a few designs, another one close to me actually has that exact one that  was used in the OP's picture. here you can see a picture of exactly what it is     I think the... Sheets sorry the link in my 1st post doesnt work and I can seem to edit the post. Try this one
the tier with the imprint on is quite easy. We call it structure sheets here in South Africa. It like an embossing mat, but it made from stiff plastic. You  cut it to go around the cake, spread chocolate on and wrap it around the cake let set and when its pulled off it leaves the chocolate with the imprint. Brushed with luster dust it gives the shine.   Her is a link to a local shop, maybe thta will help you find it else where in the...
I would use round cakes. Cut the one side a  flat and then turn the cake on its side. you will then have the rounded shape witout carving.
In my opinion, neither are suitable for carving or covering with fondant. I would suggast changing the cake or changing the design.
I always dowel every 4" of cake, no matter what type of cake it is. A fruit cake is very sturdy, but dowels will give you peace of mind :)
the same as anywhere else in the world. Take all your costs, add your overheads incl labour and profit.
its most likely your oven, so definitly check that but you can also split the batter between 2 pans, they will bake faster on the inside than a large thick layer.
make a ***y,smooth, small one, and tell her thats how hers looks to you you'll have a customer for life! LOL     why on earth would anyone have an exact replica of their butt
Im assuming what you want is to make the same "mistake" with the recipe but not have the volcano in your oven :) If so use a bigger pan, this should prevent the cake from spilling over.
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