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I have a really divine choc recipe I used for the topsy turvy in my photos. I can pm it if u want, however, as Im in S-Africa, the US recipes keeps on failing on me. I think its something to do with the altitude. So if u want u can use it and maybe "tweak" it a little.
I dont put gumpaste items in a sealed container, it can def make them go soft over time, in this case I think it was a combo of the seale container and the icing (if it was BC) I know of quite a few people that will actually eat the gumpaste items. Even saw someone munching a flower right of the wire stem . Personally I think they taste awfull. I just warn them about wire/toothpicks or glitter so they know and can make up their own minds.
Gumpaste dries beautifull in the oven, but aparently mmf just turns into a mess.
If I want really dark red roses, I use a color called ponceu red.Also add a little blue (just a touch) it will also make a lovely deep red.
I also start @ the corners 1st, then then the middle the same as a round cake, just keep on lifting and smoothing. Then cut away the excess.HTH!
I put my oven on 100 deg C - dont know what that is in Far and turn them over every 30 min (flat pieces) until they are dry
Thanks for the lovely compliments!They are made from flowerpaste, I think it similar to US gumpaste.
yea, orange hearts. That is the colors of the wedding. The roses are a little deeper red than it looks in the pic.
thanks everyone!The cake is going to be a stacked 3 tier. Im doing some rose petals to put on the other layers, no hearts anywhere else. I will take the hearts out. I didnt like them to begin with, just didnt know why. Now I have some more perspective.This is going to be my 1st wedding cake so I want it to be perfect!
Im doing a wedding cake for the weekend and the bride is so unhelpfull! She doesnt care what the cake looks like so now its up to me. I finally got her a pic that she sort of liked. I've made the flowers that goes on top, but in the pic there's these little hearts added, I did them, but dont like them much. Would u go for the one with or without????So please give me your opinion!!!!!!
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