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when you dowel the bottom cake, do you use a board underneath the top cake? This seems to be one of the most common mistakes people make. You need dowels AND a board for a proper support structure.
why don't you print some on your computer and then use it as a template. cut the paste with an exacto knife. I have done this many times
I have the same policy for wedding cakes and for small celebration cakes I require 50% upfront and the balance when they collect. your policies are not unreasonable, and in any case even if they were, its YOUR business and you decide the rules. If the client is not happy with that its her choice to go somewhere else, but I'm sure she will find that most places has an upfront payment of some kind.   In my opinion she can accept your policy or go somewhere else.
  dont try and cover the cake the day of the party. Do it at least a day before, so that if anything happens (and it most probably will) then you will have enough time to fix. Doing it on the day will just place way too much stress on you. good luck!!!
OMG!! If the paperwork she received (and hopefully signed) has all your details on I would definitely not refund her. Surely you check the address where you have to pick a cake up?   the same thing also almost happened to me a while back. There is a company with a similar name about 6 hours away from me, the client accepted my quote via email but wanted me to deliver. At the time the suburb she gave me didn't ring any alarm bells as we have  one in Johannesburg, but...
  I totally agree, those are the clients you dont want to deal with. When I started out I had a few clients string me along, and eventually I realised that they are not really going to commit and was just wasting my time. Now I send one email reminding them of the deposit with a deadline, and if I dont get it the order is cancelled.
 ^^^ This
 ^^^^^ This!!
Hmm we try to give you advise and perspective and you questions our creativity and morals?? Now who is not playing nice ??  you have obviously not dealt with some of the brides I deal with every day. They bring a picture and they want that replicated. that is their vision for their cake and Im not going to say " GO AWAY, Im not copying that cake" :) in any case if you search long enough there will be several very similar versions of your unique design. Everything has been...
it needs marzipan to prevent the juices from staining the fondant, so follow the advise above regarding the apricot jam and make sure that you leave the marzipan-ed cake for a day. Then wet it slightly with a damp brush and cover with fondant.
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