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I did the words on this cake with tappits, it was time consuming, but much better than trying to consistently  pipe it. Also the edible image idea will work.
there are two different "threads" in here. The original poster is not the person doing her daughters cake and I agree with you howsweet, a wedding is not something you practice on, and by the questions this poster needs some more experience.     To the second poster (fillylily) go for it, I think its very special to do something like that for your daughter, she (and you ) will remember it forever!
personally I think a 9" is too big for a top tier, my advise would be to get some dummies and stack them to see the effect. You dont mention the number of servings you need, bit a 6, 10 will be the combination I would do
yes, Im from South Africa and I use it and absolutely loves the software. It uses the default currency from your computer settings. The only thing that cant be changed is the date format. We use dd/mm/yy and not mm/dd/yy like USA. But I got used to it pretty fast :)
its not a waste, my dad already claimed all the fruit cake off cuts for as long as I make them :)
not necessarily, as he said, the strip is limited to your work space, and IMO for ease of handling. the marzipan isn't showing so you can have as many seams as you like. I would not like to be the person that gets a piece of that edge though half cake and half marzipan LOL
The way of doing the top and then the sides is an old technique, but Ive never seen the "filling" in of the gap like he does it. :) I would just level the top?
  yes it is the Jem cutter< I have that set and it works great for scrolls
Debbie Browns books are available on
I use 2 teaspoons tylose on 250g of paste, so yours might be too weak. they should be rock hard within 2 days or so. Also the weather might play a huge factor in your drying process. If its humid, I place the items in a box (not air tight) with some silica crystals. I use the packets that you always get in with medicine.
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