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crystal candy in South Africa has a similar design. It looks like the 2nd last one on this page
Hollow dummies? that's a new one I would normally not dowel dummies, but how sturdy are they? The top ones I would just stack, Im assuming they are sturdy enough to take the weight of the ones above? The real cake I will definitely dowel, and the bottom dummy as well if its not very sturdy. If the dummy touches the cake I will add a board, if it touches another dummy I will not bother. I don't do BC cakes, so cant help you there.
if I do a fruit cake without marzipan I use two layers of fondant. the prep is the same as yours I don use royal icing though, but some fondant.  if you do a layer of fondant and leave it for 24 hours, then add another layer it gives a beautiful finish.
this thread was started 4 years ago!! those posters are probably not even around anymore 
according to how I calculate (using the wilton chart) that cake will serve 168. I would halve the number of servings for the shorter tiers as I will cut 2"x2" pieces instead of the 1"x2" for the higher tiers. HTH
done lots of them, just treat it like a normal wedding cake. I would stack in combos of 2-3 layers at home and then complete the stacking at the venue. an 8 tier cake will be very tall, so it might not fit in your car all stacked. Only dowel the real cakes, the Styrofoam will be fine.
their moulds are stunning, I have several myself. Not sure why they didn't get back to you though, normally Ray's service is excellent. unfortunately I think time is against you. Hope you find something!
I don't think you will get in in time from South Africa.. Orders from the states to me in South Africa has never taken less than 4 weeks so if you order now you might have it mid Nov.
I always mix some cake crumbs with some ganache into a stiff paste and then seal the joints, much like a bricklayer does with bricks. Make sure the cracks are filled completely otherwise it will sink again. Let this set properly and then do a normal crumb coat. it should then look like one cake. HTH
those are not lilies. if you Google gerbera you will see the centre they should have. I normally don't do those on wires, as the petals are so thin and they break easily. If you do want them wired though, the best is to start with the centre on a wire, let it dry and then build the petals around it. your flowers can be used without wires on the side of a cake though, so don't think you have wasted your time. :)
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