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I would also just do another thin layer over the existing one. you will get a nice smooth finish this way. hope its not too late :)
diabetes is all about the amount of carbs you eat. The sugar is basically irrelevant. Golden cloud flour is normal white flour that raises the blood sugar levels drastically.   Im a diabetic myself and personally I would rather eat a small piece of good cake than a large piece of so-called diabetic friendly or "sugar free"  cake.   I would chat to the childs mother and see what she wants you to do, depending on his meds and his levels she might prefer him not to have...
you know what to do.. tell everyone that calls, you need a deposit paid within 24/48/whatever hours and stick to it. the same with emails.   I only do business via email, when someone phones me I tell them I will mail them a quote, this serve 2 purposes.   1. It gives me time to work out a proper price, not just pluck it form the air,   2. to me the most important, at the bottom of EACH email I have in bold red letters, no date is booked until the deposit is paid. It...
thanks :)I roll the edges on my counter to round them a little, hate it when the sharp edges tear the fondant, but hate the sound/feel of sanding Styrofoam even more LOL
I do lots of cake with fake tiers at the bottom. no doweling, no stressing about collapsing :) The only thing I find is that the cake is a little top heavy, so if you are moving it just be careful. My hubby normally carries my cakes around and one nearly went flying as he was expecting the weight at the bottom :) the cake in this pic is all dummies except for the top one.
If the tip is even slightly damaged it will cause the icing string to curl. Another problem might be small specks of sugar in the icing, Try squeezing the Royal icing through a new stocking or a piece of organza, you will be amazed at the lumps that's left in the fabric. I have piped wit a 00 before, so its totally possible to pipe with small nozzles. Also keep in mid the smaller the hole, the softer the icing must be
after lots of frustrations I now do exactly the same. If someone phones me for a consultation/tasting I tell them I prefer to give a quote 1st, as this saves us both from wasting time. Once they are happy with my pricing THEN  we arrange a meeting. Since doing that I have actually booked 99% of the people I meet for a consultation.
I think they shink when cooling, well that's my theory. :) I always get those little holes. Before covering with your preserve/jam , just take small pieces of marzipan and fill the holes. 
Im on a Mother and Child forum where all the posts older than say 6 months are moved into an archive. If you do a search on the main forum, only the current posts will appear, but if you really need to find something old you can do a separate search in the archive.   So many time I have seen a 5 year old thread suddenly gets a "help me I want to do this" or "send me the instructions too" post and 90% of the times the member that started that thread is no longer active.
you can use this as your logo, maybe just have him hold a box mix :)
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