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Im in South Africa   This is using UK conversion  GPB  £1 = R17.52   I don't bake mud cakes, only sponge ones. For me a 8" chocolate sponge cake  with ganache, covered in fondant will cost £11.76 AUD 20.50  or $19.19 This includes the board and the box. 
the alcohol in the fruit cake evaporates during baking so its really not a problem for children. Its not as if they will be downing a swig of rum:)   My dad starts eating the fruit cake almost as soon as it comes out of the oven I don't think its ever matured more than a month.. I think the Delia Smith fruit cake is similar to mine
your cakes are stunning, but a business is so much more than just decorating a nice cake! I would keep on doing it for friends and family until YOU are ready to open a bakery, not your family :)
Cake boss.
Its not the sugar that makes it bad for a diabetic, the flour (carbs)  is much worse. Im diabetic myself and a large piece of cake with sugar and whole wheat flour and some fibre like a carrot cake is better for my sugar levels than a small piece with normal cake flour.   If you really want to do a diabetic friendly cake look for recipes with healthy flours .
if you are happy with decorating her cakes, give her two options 1 if you do the whole cake 2 if you go and decorate her cakes in both cases work out exactly what you cost will be, including your ingredients for the cake and or buttercream, car hire, day leave ect. I would then leave it in her hand to decide if she wants to pay you or not.
I would contact her and tell her that Im still waiting for the money and unfortunately the cake will not be delivered without the payment. She probably knows you are a softie and hopes that you will deliver the cake without payment.   You got some good advise on future orders, if you start using this advice your life will be much easier!   Edited to add, I've got a friend that's also like you , trying to please everyone and never wanting to seem pushy, she get her...
will do what hmcakery says, do a dummy and bake a new one to deliver to them at a later stage.  they wont be cutting it an any case and you are not spoiling the design in any way. If you think they will be unhappy maybe add a voucher for a celebration cake
I think the ribbon is a combination of real ribbon and piping. This technique was very popular around that time, I have seen several old  cake books that uses that. This is a link to show you the effect. Click on the small picture on the top right and you will see a close up.    they used to insert real/gum paste ribbon this way and then piped around it to give the lacy effect. I think yours is real as the ribbon...
fruit cake can be frozen for a few years. If its frozen with the fondant and marzipan intact, let it thaw. Then remove the icing completely. Test a small portion from the bottom to check if its ok. You can then drizzle some brandy over it and then decorate it. I would be sure to test a portion first. I've heard of fruit cakes that's gone sour in the freezer before.
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