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I always just use one whole bag of marshmellows (10oz) and then half of another bag. It seems to work out ok.Definitely grease everything that touches the marshmellows! It'll get very sticky but if the Crisco's on the dough attachment, it'll be a little easier.Good luck because MMF takes delicious!
Oh I love that blog too! I could search the internet all day looking for cupcakes well as being addicted to this site
Thanks for the response! I'm thinking a cupcake bakery would be lots of fun, though I'd have to have the cakes and cookies in the mix to keep business up.Hmm, the more I dwell on the idea, the more I think I might research it some more...and I can't wait until November when I visit NYC. I'll make my friends go on the "bakery tour" with me also!
Have any of you visited some of these bakeries that specialize in cupcakes. I found many websites for ones in NYC and out in California. Seems like cupcakes are becoming more and more popular. I'd love to open up a shop just of cupcakes in my town, since we don't have one, but I wondered if there's as much of a demand...Any thoughts or opinions of these shops if you've visited them?
That's the only one I know of too. If you were coming up 75, when you get to 285, go east, cross over 20, and a few exits after that (now going north) will be Memorial Dr. Take a right off the exit, and it's 1.5 miles down on the left. Their website is if you want to look at a map.
I agree that just paying rent is good enough for your relative. She probably know that it will hurt your profits if she's going to get a kickback per cake too.I'm in the same situation as you, trying to find an association with a commercial kitchen so I can finally be "legal." I have an opportunity to rent a commercial kitchen. I'm wondering, would it be ok to bake the cakes at home, but decorate them in the commercial kitchen, or do you have to do everything (baking...
I'm just starting out with my home business. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to rent a space, or add an addition to my house. But for now, my kitchen and dining room have been overtaken by cake decorating stuff. Are there any good tips or storage suggestions for keeping all this stuff organized?!
Has anyone had the "Smiley" cookies from Eat N Park in Pittsburg? They are soo delicious! I wondered if anyone had a recipe that was similar, or if they are just the basic cookie recipe?Thanks in advance! Michelle
I would also love to receive the pricing list. I just received my first two cake orders and I'm sure I underpriced them!michellelshort@hotmail.comThanks in advance!
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