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A little different, since most of us don't go rubbing our butts around in dirt, as we do our shoes....
It was done with piped royal icing and also some fondant or gumpaste hand or cutter cut-outs that were applied to the cake.
I prefer straight edge. Also, before you purchase them check out this site: have great customer service, a huge selection, the shipping is cheap and fast, and they can customize your sizes. I use them everytime I need dummies, and have never been let down by this company.
Good old bench scraper the first time around.
Do not leave the pillars too tall, your cake will not be sturdy during transport. Trust me on this one, I use them ALL the time. They are very easy to cut. Select a mark a little lower than your cake, saw just a bit with a hand saw or a serated knife, and then just break at the mark. Very quick and easy.
I never use a cooling rack. I always let my cakes cool right in the pan, even over night. Never had a problem and been decorating for 5 years.
Leah_s....why do you not like the center dowel. Before I started using SPS, I always did a center dowel, did you heve a bad experience with it?I agree: ALWAYS glue everything together with a layer of buttercream or royal icing. If using dowels cut them shorter than the cake, or, invest in the SPS system. If you always make sure to get your parts back, you almost never have to replace them!
I use it all the time!
Lately, brides have just been requesting, "just something simple," a two tiered cake for 250 guests, and then sheet cakes for the rest. Where is the fun in that. How about bringing back elaborate cakes and getting rid of the sheet cake weddings??
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