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Oh, well shame on me for being busy with a wedding cake and missing that large post.
So you can poison people en masse but not one at a time.
I saw an article on CNN the other day about a woman in NY (at least I'm 99% sure it was NY) selling apple cakes out of her home to save her home. I'm thinking she isn't licensed and in the picture it looked like she was in her home kitchen. It made me wonder if the health dept. will be on her now or if there is a commercial kitchen involved somewhere I missed.
Thanks Jamie! As far as I know, a cakemaster came from my brain and is not available. Wouldn't that be a fun portfolio though?You are reminding me I need to update it and haven't had time.
While I agree with the "don't feel so bad" camp, I also agree with this..And remember, when you give of yourself, it always comes back to you tenfold.No, we're not in business for charity BUT I think charity once in awhile is a good thing.Offering a small tiered buttercream cake with buttercream red roses would look just as beautiful and would cut the price dramatically since the work of fondant roses is not there. I know some decorators here don't do sheet cakes but I do...
Do you ever use the plastic cupcake holders for inside the box? I get them at my local cake supply co. and they are great.
I'll give them a chance to complete all the changes before deciding. I really like the slideshow, I like that you can scroll through to see all the pics. It might need some fine tuning and adding in all time favs and newly posted pictures as well to be complete but I think the slide show is a nifty feature.
Yes, always in a box.
Here are all the completed eggs. The time and effort involved really wasn't that bad in comparison to some regular decorated sugar cookies I've done. I'd say the easiest way to do it would be to bake and cool all the cookies and then decorate them all at the same time. I did it in stages because I was eager to try them but it was definitely more of a pain.
I got mine at Walmart in their cake decorating department. I wanted the plain molds but they were sold out so I went with the silicone "decorated" molds. I thought this might cause an issue but the fact there is decorative molding on the cookies is hardly noticeable. In the end, I think the silicone worked perfectly for getting the cookies out once they were cooled.
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