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thank u i thought so coz i don't have a lot of problems with my orders, it comes a bit easily of course i'm no expert, but again practice practice practice !
I've never ever received a decorating class, and i was wondering if anyone thought it is necessary, i only work with fondant, i hate to work with buttercream so i decided i would only make fondant cakes, but i read most of u receive classes, what do u think??
in the space that it has to make attachments you click the botton that says browse then u select the place were u have ur pic, such as my documents and u'll see the name of ur pic, then u finish filling the page and the u just upload the pic, i don't remember if it says upload or submit... and there u have it
oh my God these are great ideas, thank u so much 4 each and every idea u gave me! i'll show how it goes ...
yes i love it too, lol i'm just waiting for 2 night to watch a friend of ours has all the next series from season 2 !but i hope it turns great !
Yes thank u so much ! u guys are great . Lost logo is just black with white letters... would it be to simple or too black? LOL
i love the idea !!! not sure i have the ability to do it ... LOL
hi all, my DH birthday is in 10 days he loves the LOSt series, i don't know if anyone is familiar with it, beacuse i was thinking of doing something like it ! i have no ideas please help !
i honestly like it, it's pretty ok for being ur first time !!!i think the lumps have something to do with the crumbles and the smoothness of the cake underneath ... u should've seen my father's day cake it was so disappointing !!! but my DH loved his cake(mostly the taste) although he said it was pretty ! LOL
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