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i would go for stacked!!
I LOVE FONDANT, it's easy to work and in my opinion it's DELICIOUS ! i will never make a buttercream cake only, the truth is most of my customers prefer fondant over buttercream, and it does count wich fondant u use or make, i prefer mmf over any other ...
NOO !! don't think of quiting you're way too good, don't let that bring u down, i know there are solutions for the sheet cakes ... I know that ur customers love u, or they wouldn't ask u for more sheet cakes, so just explain them (or not LOL), u are not making them for a while ...maybe these isn't that convincent but DON'T QUIT !!
it's unbelievable !!!! it looks so AMAZING !!!! OMG ... i'm officialy impressed !!
i love it too ! thank u so much for these wonderful site, i think i would be lost without it !
thank u ! but could i spread a bit of buttercream where the sand is going, the other day i was talking with my husband about making a cake with a bit of piping gel, u should've seen his face ! he hated the idea, and the cake is for him, for his birthday, could it be possible or it would show too much?
anyone? please? ... LOL
how do I "glue" the sand to the fondant to look like a beach, i've never done it before, and i'm doing it for friday... Thank u gabby
i wish i knew too ...
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