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ohh so sorry to hear that, i've never burned my fingers with MMF but i've burned them with my hair iron, i closed it in my fingers and even in my ear !to the point where u could see the fresh skin !! so i know pretty much how u feel ... so sorry
Mine is like, "can i help u?" or can i give u an advice ... he is very supportive, when he sees it's 1 am and i'm not finished he helps me ... he like any human being wishes i could spend more time with him than making cakes ... but he gives me all his support and that makes me feel so happy ...
si eso mismo digo yo, he visto mucha gente de latinoamerica pero nadie de Guate, q bueno saberlo ! y mas q se llame igual a mi!y como te ha ido? cuanto llevas de vivir alla?
really ?! i can't believe? is ur name gaby too? well i most say there are really good seasons and others that aren't so good, but it's been pretty goodwhere are u from? capital?
CONGRATULATIONS !! that's so good...2 thumbs up!
blowingsunshine u r so right i made a mistake, i was talking about quetzales wich is $1 for 8 quetzales, so my piece costs about $1, $1.30 u were so right, i made a mistake in the currency ! LOL
u know it is funny u said it coz to be honest with u i always make a lot of discount on those prices, but i definately would charge $35 or more on nefgaby's cake
blowingsunshine u think it is too much ??the competition charges a lot more, so i think it is fair...
sorry i forgot to tell u're cake looks great !!!
i would charge minimum $25. I charge if it is an easy cake $10 per piece and $13 if it is too detailed and takes a lot of time ... hope it helps
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