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i know i feel just like u !!! and i'm just like not in these world right now with all that happend with my son... but i should've said no!!!but it still makes me mad ....
the mother of my cousin's boyfriend asked about a half a month or more, if i could make his son's cake (he wanted a Ronaldinho cake), so I agreed .. She asked how much in advance should she order her cake, so i said that i always asked minimum 1 week and a half and with a 50% of the cake, she said ok!Well the days went by, i called her and she said that she still wanted the cake so i was just waiting her call for her to tell me what flavor did she wanted it. She never...
i'll do cupcakes next time !!! i always eat it ... i love cake batter leftovers !!!
those sugar sticks are made to put them in your coffee, so maybe in coffe shops or something similar ??
very nice picnic cake ! it's pretty addictive !!
i would insist that she stays in her cookie business !
I'm so frustrated i got an order for a cake of ronaldhino and i have no idea of what to do. could somebody help ?? thank u!
these is my first fondant cake, i was pretty proud of it, now i know i could've done better
that's so funny! u can't be confident when men are near a cake LOL
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