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i know how to talk in english too, it's just that i bought these arabic gum and was wondering if it could be used too for modeling figurines, or it serves another purpose...
no se donde encontrar como y para q se usa este ingrediente, me dijeron q era para endurecer el fondant pero no estoy tan segura ! alguien me puede ayudar me urge para unos angelitos para este domingo ...gracias
Alguien sabe para q se usa y como se usa la goma arabiga?? sirve para endurecer el fondant?Muchas gracias Gabby
Thank u so much to all for your comments, they make me feel a lot better, i was like doubting if it was a good cake, but now i am confident !!! gabby
thank u so much Amber it makes me feel so much better!
i know it makes me sooo mad!
These is the cake the lady asked me to do 2 days in advance!She wasn't very pleased beacuse she wanted it taller and bigger, little details she never said!But at the end I charge her $32, do guys think it was too much?
No it has happend to me, i worry a lot about the customers opinion about the taste, if they liked the design, and i keep thinking if they really meant it when they say " it's really pretty" ... so yes i also have felt it!
she made the order today ! so i'm starting to bake, it's not that i don't like it, what i don't like is to work with so short notice and all beacuse i couldn't say NO !!
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