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I offer a free 6" single layer smash cake for first birthdays.
Try again with attachment.
Thanks all. I was going to do a couple of planets with a simple space shuttle. But the customer added that her son was more into the aspects of space. So, this is what I ended up doing.Thanks again,Tanya
Looking for some ideas as quoted by a customer."He is REALLY into outer space stuff and I am attaching a solar system picture that might serve as inspiration."Any suggestions or ideas.Thanks,Tanya
Thanks all. She has decided on another themes. But I will keep these ideas for the next one.Thanks again,Tanya
I am trying to come up with some ideas for a Noah's Ark Theme cake. Any ideas? Been searching the internet for even a coloring sheet I can use.Thanks,Tanya
Thanks you all. This was very helpful.Tanya
1/2 Sheet, Buttercream, Marble CakeI had a customer just call. She picked up the cake just about an hour ago. Her son has 102 fever. She has to cancel the party. She wants to know if she can freeze it. I haven't ever attempted to freeze a fully decorated cake. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Is it possible? How to prepare it? How long can it be frozen? How do you defrost it?How long can a fully decorated cake keep in the refrig?I feel so sorry for her. It...
I just received an order for March. Would like a stacked round layer cake with pretty fresh flowers on top. I have never worked with fresh flowers. What do I need to create this?How do I create it?What should be the timing or decorating it?Any other information on this would be appreciate. Have no idea where to start.Thanks,Tanya
Thanks for all the suggestions. I happen to remember my son had a Disney Coloring book. So, I was able to pull an image from there.Thanks again.Here is the simple final cake.Tanya
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