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Thank you all for your replies. Jkalman, yes I love the recipe. You made it so easy to follow.It sounds like the bench scraper is the way to go for smoothing. Shisharka after hearing your story, I definitely feel better about the cake sitting out for a period of time now. I can't believe there was no where to store it temporarily!When you are measuring the temperature are you just using a regular kitchen thermometer or a candy thermometer?I had also heard that you can...
I made my first cake iced in SMBC this weekend. followed Well Dressed Cake recipe from this site. I was really happy with how the icing turned out. I even added some white chocolate for extra flavor.Now I have some questions about icing with SMBC:1. What is the best way to smooth this icing? Once it was on the cake it was so delicate and fluffy that it caused more problems the more I...
I think it depends on the look you are going for. I did Fabulous at 40 on a cake. Here is a link to the picture. I used stars for a more classy look.
WOW! I absolutely love your cake. I would like to have a much larger area to work with as well and this solution sounds great. My question is how do you know the food safety of rolling out on the vinyl? Just wondering. So many allergies these days!
I have a stupid question. If you use real vanilla is it a brown color? The ones that I have seen are brown and I am trying to figure out how you get a white icing when flavoring with brown vanilla.Thanks
Okay, after all the encouragement and great tips on this forum (especially the youtube video). I made my first batch of SMBC tonight. It is so smooth and I love how it feels so light when you taste it. I have a couple of questions. How well does it hold up in the heat? I live in NC and the humidity is unbearable here sometimes. How long can it go unrefrigerated safely?Also, I was curious about smoothing with SMBC. I know it does not crust so you can't use the VIVA...
I have been wanting to try SMBC. The process has scared me off before. What are the essentials you need to make it (i.e. utensils)? Do you have any tried and true tips for making the process easier that you can share?Thanks!
Wow! That took a lot of time. Thanks so much for sharing all this great information with us!
Just curious for those of you that use all butter, how are you able to get a white buttercream? Are there any tricks? I use the 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup crisco recipe right now. I would like to switch to all butter but I want to have a white buttercream. Is this possible?Thanks!
My thoughts are with you. Just stay as calm as possible and pray for guidance to know what to do. I will pray for your cousin and for you as well.HugsMichelle
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