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I love mine! My only tip is to be careful. They are super super sharp! Also always cut away from you. Joanne
I pulled up CC today and I always look at the last post topics then I scroll down to look at the popular cakes. I was thrilled to see my graduation cake on the front page! Wow! I never in a million years would have thought one of my cakes would make it on the popular list.I feel so honored!Joanne
I think that was a pretty cake but if I paid $500 I would expect much more then that! I've heard thier cakes don't taste that well before. I'm kinda suprised over that though as Duff has been trained by some top notch places. I would have expected something really good.I just can't get over the fact that he would charge $50 a slice. Didn't you say the cake was meant to serve 10-12 people and was $500 value?Wow!Happy late birthday though. No matter what I would still...
Never mind. I'm blind today. Sorry.
So how do we vote? Is there is a poll?
Well I thought I would give everyone an update on the cake.I decided to turn it down. Can you believe it? I turned down this offer to make a cake for someone that could put me on the map!First I just don't have time since I'm going to see my brother at the hospital so often. I won't put anyone before my family when they need me.Then I got to thinking, I don't really want to sell cakes for a living. So it didn't matter if I did this or not. The other thing was the...
Well what I'm going to do is either buy or make. Most likely make a topper. But I will not charge for that. It's my "gift" to the birthday girl. Then I'm going to make a cake. Not a "Tinkerbell" cake. Just a cake. I will then have them put the topper on the cake. Now I didn't make it a Tinkerbell cake they did. I didn't charge for anything Disney that way.I will be sure to take a photo of them putting my little Tinkerbell gift on the cake.Should be ok that way...
Anyone have any good ideas on what to do? I would love to see photos of some great Tinkerbell cakes.
Of course I will post the photos. It's Tinker Bell themed. I'll find out more tomorrow.My brother is doing a little bit better each day. Still pretty bad though and it's going to be a long time. He is paralized on his right side but he is fighting hard to get better. Thank you for asking.Any prayers, well wishes or good thoughts would be wonderful. In fact, if anyone wants to send a card to him please PM me. I'm doing a card shower for him.Thanks everyone!Joanne
Guess who wants me to make a cake? Sylvester Stallone! It's for his daughters birthday party. I couldn't believe it when I got the email asking me to do the cake. I'm so nervous! I have no idea what to charge. I'm freaking out with excitement!I wasn't going to be doing cakes for awhile as my brother had a stroke and I go to the hospital everyday to see him. But how could I turn this down? I may have to stay up all night to do this but I said yes!Joanne
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