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Thanks so much for letting me know. It was my indecision as to how much space to leave between the tiers that made me buy the ones I did. Next time I'll buy the ones with extensions.Thanks!
Really? Didn't realize that. Yep, too late to order. The legs are difficult to cut? Is that the only reason?
I bought the 9" pillars. Thanks for your response!
I'm making a 4 tier wedding cake (each tier is separated about 3 inches) and it's my first time using SPS. The icing is buttercream so I was wondering what type of cake board you'd use under the three top tiers. I normally use foamcore for stability. Will this work or should I just use cardboard rounds. Just don't want the buttercream to crack...Thanks!
I am SO jealous!!! I can't wait to see if I get it for Christmas. It was top of my list!Glad you like it... enjoy playing!
Oh I like the "kid" and "kid at heart" idea!
I don't have all the details worked out, but I would start with a topsy turvy idea and go from there.
When I made my turkey cake I followed Mrs Missey's directions... the on ly change I made was that I used two of the egg shaped pans and levelled the bottom so it was secure. It was so freaky how real it looked! Her directions are wonderful!
I've had a lot of foot trouble probably from wearing heels at my office job all day every day. I have found that my new balance slip on tennis shoes have the most support and feel so much better than anything else I've tried... granted I've never owned a pair of crocs so I don't know if they'd be more comfortable or not.
I use Satin Ice almost all of the time. I have experienced some of the cracking type of issues and what I do now is mix it with Fondarific and I haven't had a problem. I love the way it works together for covering cakes (but I only use the SI for decorations) and I like the taste of the two mixed better too.
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