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Ok....I just tried that and it didn't work.  I rubbed the mat with shortening and then got most of it off.  The wafer paper stuck and cut beautifully and didn't dissolve.  Thanks for your input.  I am glad to have run across this thread.  I will definitely use wafer in my cricut a lot now....starting with an anniversary cake in two weeks.
How do you stick the paper to the cricut mat?
This sounds good!
Well said! It's my favorite fondant to use now also. I haven't tried any of her flavor variations yet though, but I plan to. Her book, The Sugar Fix (less than 4.00 to download to your kindle/ipad) is awesome!
I actually found that buying a cheesecake is just about the same price as making one...and it's a lot less hassle. I scoop out the filling --avoiding the crust--and put it on the cake layer. Use a stiff dam of buttercream around the edge and you're good to go! Works great and tastes wonderful! I've done this for several cakes and it's turned out well every time.[/quote]SCORE! What a great idea! Thanks! I might try that method with a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake.
Have you tried the new Lorann's Cream Cheese Emulsion??? Supposed to flavor like cream cheese without you actually having to use cream cheese. Might work!
I usually color it while its soft right after kneading. I divide the fondant into batches and color them that way.
Totally keeping this! Thanks!
I was going to say the same. No different from stacking other cakes.
I use the Michelle Foster's recipe (listed in the recipe section as the updated version). I don't use tylose and they stand up just fine! The figures in my profile pic were made that way.
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