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thank you!!! I appreciate it! I have had a hard time with MMF in the past and this time I am making a cake for someone I REALLY want to impress (meaning not just family or friends lol)
can it be colored if its white? I see that you can buy colors but I want to save money and color it that possible? Is it easy to use? Normally I make MMF and don't feel like doing it......I want to try something different. Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question
I saw someone one time on here have the recipe for that?!?! I can't find it but would love to have it if you want to share!!!!
If you are in this area and decorate cakes for weddings please send me a message! I have a few questions! Laura
I think its an odd request but she wants one for a cookie dough?? Maybe I can just suggest no fails?
Are there any out there or any advice? A friend asked......THANKS!!!
Can they be done? If so HOW? How would I decorate them? Would I use buttercream? I have to mail them and I am not sure how to even decorate them!!!! HELP!Laura
I followed the recipe to the direct came out very runny and very hard to work with. I have never had this problem before. It wasn't the normal consistincy or anything. Does heat and humidity play a part in this? I love the icing but was just having the most difficult time with it yesterday. Laura
I always wonder about this.....I also wonder if you just have to bake out of the kitchen...can you decorate at home? Its really crazy.
They have a book out too! I do like the cookies but, I think they are too fussy for me. I don't want to have to pull off ribbon to eat my cookies. I guess I am fussy! Laura
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