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Hello Could someone please tell me if cream cheese can be froze, and if so  How long?  Thank you  to all who reply.
Please someone help.  Every time I make any sort of chocolate chip or m & m's, they come out flat as a board.  Everything is fresh. I use unsalted butter and sometimes reg. butter.  Could that be a reason? Is there a margarine that I could use just for baking?Anything and everyones output is important. Thank you. I want round nice looking cookies.
Hello   I was wondering if anyone knows how to make faux cupcakes just for decorating? I  want something that looks like real batter and real icing. , and will last quite long to go onto stands for display.  Thanks to all
ok thank you. it is called for in a recipe i am making ( instant clearjel ) i thought it was like a powdered gelitin. or is it the same thing?? ty
Hello  Could someone please tell me what clear jell is??  is it a gelitin?? Thank you.
Can you also  do flowers with this mixture?  gumpaste and modeling chocolate ?
Hello again.  I have a recipe that calls for 7 ozes of butter.  Now I can look up quite a few things but I cannot find out what 7 ozes would be.  Help!! Thanks to all. Love this site.
Hello. Could some please help me out. I have been trying out a convection oven and having trouble with temps and times. When making cakes, cupcakes, cheese cakes, especially the regular cheesecake cupcakes. On what temp would i use for the convection oven on when the recipe calls for 350 degrees and about what time when it says 30 minutes. Thank you all so much
Please , Can someone tell me the way to make buttermilk without having buttermilk on hand. I need 1 C. Thank you all.
Hello I am looking for a cake recipe for a have quarter sheet cake or half sheet cake that is thin so I can cut out cookie cutter objects, etc bats, pumpkins. Thank you all very much
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