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you are so welcom
I emailed someone these directions this morning, although I feel that I tend to confuse people more than help them, but here they are and feel free to ask any other questions: I have noticed the more sprays I have done, the easier it is getting for me. I think you can use most wire gauges. I used an 18 gauge wire for this cake, the lower the number, the heavier the wire. I think what gauge you use should depend on the weight of the piece you are putting on the end. It...
Oh it was my pleasure, thanks again
thanks so much
All I can say is WOW, what a compliment this is! I just got the message tonight and this is my very first time posting in the forum, so far I have just been posting pictures. Well, there is no secret behind these swirls. I did do them freehand. Someone commented about the circles, they of course were cut with the circle set and the name brand was Ateco. For the swirls, I cut strips of fondant, then I would start at one end (very edge of the strip and run my cutting...
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