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I have a bride who would like flowers like these on her cake. What's the best way to make them. I tried cutting circles and ruffling the edges and overlapping / scrunching them but I they ended up looking too round.Anyone have any suggestions or know of a tutorial? Thanks!
Thank you both so much! That's exactly what I need I never thought to call them "Lace Press" and I've never seen the Sugar Delights site ! Yeah! I'm so excited and it the press is fairly reasonable too Thanks again! You are awesome!
I have a bride who would like a cake similar to this one. I've looked several places online and can't seem to find a silicone mold like this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a lace sample either Where's the best place to find a lace mold?
I just came across a recipe that calls from Cake Enhancer powder from King Arthur..??? Anyone use this before? Do you recommend it?Can you only get in online?Thanks!
Thanks for your help! I bought the Kopy Kat pens and they worked great! I also used the food coloring/vodka tip for another cake (hand "painting" leopard print)Thanks again for your help!
I am planning on making a Dr. Seuss cake at the end of the month and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get those black lines on the fondant pieces to make it look like cartoon drawing, or wrinkle lines in the hat.I'm guessing people used edible markers but I never seem to have luck with them (at least the Wilton brand). Does anyone have a brand that they recommend? Or is there a better way to do this? (black piping gel hand painted on?)Thanks for your help!
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